Question: What Does Insanitary Mean?

Is unhygienic a word?

adjective insanitary, dirty, filthy, unhealthy, foul, contaminated, polluted, noxious, unclean, impure, unwholesome, unsanitary, disease-ridden, skanky (slang), germ-ridden Parts of the shop were very dirty and unhygienic..

What is the synonyms of unhygienic?

other words for unhygienicfilthy.unhealthy.unhealthful.dusty.foul.grimy.messy.muddy.

What does not sanitary mean?

adjective. If you say that a place is not sanitary, you mean that it is not very clean. It’s not the most sanitary place one could swim. Synonyms: hygienic, clean, healthy, wholesome More Synonyms of sanitary.

What are insanitary latrines?

“insanitary latrine” is defined as “a latrine which requires human excreta to be cleaned or otherwise handled manually, either in situ, or in an open drain or pit into which the excreta is discharged or flushed out.”

What does begrimed mean?

: made dirty or grimy : covered with grime The images in the newspaper and magazine photographs and on the television evening news programs were the begrimed and haggard faces of Marines in peril.—

What is insanitary condition?

insanitary conditions are dirty and dangerous to your health, usually because there is a lack of water pipes, toilets, drains etc, so that it is difficult to keep things clean. Synonyms and related words. + Dirty.

Is it insanitary or unsanitary?

The adjectives insanitary and unsanitary both refer to dirty, unhealthy conditions or a lack of sanitary equipment. Unsanitary is the more frequent form in North America, while insanitary reflects British usage.

What does Feculent mean?

foul with impurities: foul with impurities : fecal.

What is difference between hygienic and unhygienic?

Environmental problems Food hygiene conditions Food Hygiene is relevant to everyone working in the food industry, including the distribution of food, selling food, producing, processing, storing or retailing food. Unhygienic conditions include: lack of hand washing between handling raw and cooked foods. unclean …

What does besmirch mean?

transitive verb. : to cause harm or damage to the purity, luster, or beauty of (something) : sully, soil besmirching her reputation High ideals were besmirched by cruelty and greed …—

What’s a peccadillo?

English Language Learners Definition of peccadillo : a small mistake or fault that is not regarded as very bad or serious. See the full definition for peccadillo in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What type of word is wrongdoing?

noun. behavior or action that is wrong, evil, or blameworthy.

What does superannuated mean?

1 : outmoded, old-fashioned superannuated slang superannuated planes. 2a : incapacitated or disqualified for active duty by advanced age.

What’s the meaning of insanitary?

unclean enough to endanger: unclean enough to endanger health : contaminated.

What does wrongdoing mean?

1 : evil or improper behavior or action cleared of any wrongdoing. 2 : an instance of doing wrong.

Is it Inhygienic or unhygienic?

If you describe something as unhygienic, you mean that it is dirty and likely to cause infection or disease. Parts of the shop were very dirty, unhygienic, and an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. …

What is another word for wrongdoing?

In this page you can discover 33 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for wrongdoing, like: offense, deviltry, evildoing, malpractice, crime, evil, iniquity, misdeed, misbehavior, misconduct and wrong-doing.